Perfect Blazer

Saint Laurent called it Le Smoking Jacket – we call it The Perfect Blazer. 

“Yves Saint Laurent revolutionised women’s fashion way back in 1966 and designed what he called Le Smoking Jacket.”


Firstly, the colour is all important “Ingram’s Ink Navy”, and yes, you can wear with black (ask any French woman).

It’s designed and made to last right here in Cape Town by a tailor who has been making for Habits for the last 10 years, and we haven’t changed the pattern – now that’s classic.

Buy now and wear forever, which as far as we’re concerned is all part of the “Slow Fashion Revolution”. Soon there will be no landfills left in the world to cope with throw away fashion – we really do know the meaning of an investment piece.

Woman no longer wear the blazer exclusively as a suit (although yes, we do have matching pants), instead it’s used almost as an accessory.

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We show you belted, with our famous white shirt, over jazzy jeans and then, even with an evening skirt.

Some of our favourite celebs strutting their stuff.


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