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Yacco Maricard, Just Unpacked.

Habits is thrilled to have more of the Yacco Maricard collection in store and online. Yacco Maricard’s pattern-making and artisan sewing techniques ensure that elegance is retained in loose shapes, and allow style that reflects urban sensibilities in fashion. Shop here is you are beyond traditional trends and are looking to convey a sense of originality in your clothing.

Reversible Raincoats are back!

We are so excited to have some reversible raincoats back in store, which is perfect with winter on its way. These raincoats are wrinkle resistant, making it perfect for the trendy and sensible traveler. One can say that this stylish coat is ‘just a raincoat’ but it’s so much more and can easily be dressed up or down. Shop here.

Camper Shoes Have Arrived.

We are so excited to have more the contemporary footwear brand in store and online. We have some gorgeous new unique Camper designs, from funky ‘Twins’ to modern lace-ups and more Nina pumps in wonderful new colours. Shop here to find your style.

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